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The Journalists Orly Vilnai and Guy Meroz, in participation with the Israeli Interest-Free Loan Association, have led in recent years an exciting social project that succeeds in making a real difference! We would like to invite you to help create a real change in the lives of those who are in need of help.

With many years of experience behind them in helping those in financial distress, Orly and Guy have decided to establish the Interest-Free Loan Fund for those whose banks and financial institutions deny them this opportunity. Without a physical address many of them fall into the arms of the gray market and the abyss from which it is almost impossible to get out. 

The aim of the Interest-Free Loan Fund is to help those that fall directly between these lines where borrowers, through lack of choice, are forced to borrow from the wrong people and pay devastating interest. As such, a secondary aim of the Fund is to help these people to settle the menacing loans that were taken out. 

Instead of asking for single donations for a particular individual or a family, we aim to create a pool of money to help more and more people;

Borrowers repay the debt in low and bearable installment, they do not pay interest so that no one makes a profit, and the funds that return are distributed to other borrowers to ease their burden. This is a cycle of endless giving, so the donor knows that his contribution helps more and more people.

It is amazing to know that more than 98% of the loans are fully reimbursed to the fund and on time.  

Every donation contributes to this endless cycle of giving!

Every penny loaned returns to the fund and is loaned once more.

- Over the years every donation has helped five families or more! -

Families that receive interest-free loans from the Fund are families we accompany at “Orly and Guy’s Line of Friendship “, and the loan is granted only after we have exhausted all existing rights in the law to assist and after verifying the truth of each case in depth.

Thanks to the cooperation of Micky Tiroche, the fundraising for the loan principal is done through what we call a "Social Auction" - Micky has previously donated numerous artworks for auction where all the proceeds were transferred to the fund and the amount raised was matched by Micky as a further donation. 

In addition, today we are launching a partnership with Bidspirit and owner Raz Arbel, and thanks to that we can raise additional contributions.

Bidspirit will assist by hosting the bi-monthly auction on its online platform, in which 15 artworks donated from Tiroche’s private collection will be up for sale.

After the first two sales revenues of which will be donated to “Orly and Guy’s Line of Friendship “, the future auctions will be provided as a donation to other various charities.

All participants in the project are contributing their time and energy at no cost.

We invite collections owners and artists to join the Social Auction!

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Auction for Community - Asta 3

Charity auction - Interest-Free Loan Association

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Charity auction - Interest-Free Loan Association

No buyer's commission, you are invited to show your generosity. 

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Charity auction - Interest-Free Loan Association