Arsuf Kedem

Rishpon, P.O.B 1610 4691500

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Established by Evie Pollig in 2019. It encompasses all arts such as paintings, sculptures, silver wear, porcelain, jewelry, African art, books and more.

We are starting our sales with the estate and collection of Hugo and Martha Marom (Meisl) RIP together with the collection of the former "Arsuf Gallery" in Rishpon.

The gallery displayed artists such as Abraham Peso, Shir Shvadron, Hava Raucher, Eran Shakin, Sabina Mandel, Boaz Kaizman, Bilha Aharoni, Jan Rauchwerger, Meir Natif and more.

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Phone: 054-9463193



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Aste terminate

Arsuf Kedem - Asta 7

Antique jugs, doll collection, coin/ medal collection, home decorations from copper and brass, gold/ silver earrings and more.

Arsuf Kedem - Asta 6

Parte 2
Earrings from gold/ silver and gem stones. ALL STARTING PRICES FOR EARRINGS ARE 10$, Record collection in diverse categories. (regular records as well as some small 45), antique pottery, china, house wear, old meat grinders.

Arsuf Kedem - Asta 6

Parte 1
Smoking pipe collection, China, House wear, miniature frames, old cameras, records from various categories (regular as well as small 45) and more.

Arsuf Kedem - Asta 4

Old vinyl records and placards

Arsuf Kedem - Asta 5

China, jewelry, old machines and paintings.

Arsuf Kedem - Asta 3

Various objects from Hugo & Martha Marom estate, Hand made jewlery by Hugo Marom, old pottery for collectors, paintings and more.

Arsuf Kedem - Asta 2

Chez Hugo's

Arsuf Kedem - Asta 1

Chez Hugo"s