Auction 28 Rare books and collectibles and culture items.

By Doctor Baruch Falach

May 17, 2022
Adney Paz 42 Hadera, floor 14, appartment 55, Israel

The auction will be on Monday, May 17, at 18.30 P.M.

We will present 600 special items. 

1. Rare books that are not in any library.

2. Special and unknown maps.

3. Books with dedications and singnatures.

4. A treasure box of surprises that contains over 650 items!!

5. Rare holy books!!

6. A book with a dedication by Bnei-Brak city founder to Rabbi Shlomo zevin.

7. Reports, protocols and internal very rare publications about Zionism and the Land of Israel.

8. Rare books in foreign languages.

9. A book with drawn parchment cover!!

10. Rare publication, Stencil printing, about a German socialist youth movement, from the Sudetenland who excaped from Hitler to England. The publication is from the World War II period, July 1942, London.

11. Undergrounds, Israel's wars and I.D.F.

A customers who buy in the amount of 1200 NIS before calculating VAT, will get a courier shipment in Israel for free!!

Shipping prices :

Registered shipment - 25 NIS.

Package shipment - 35 NIS.

Courier shipment [Israel post] - 60 NIS.

Overseas shipment - according to shipment kind and the destination country.

No buyer commissions!

VAT on the entire amount!

Overseas customers are exempted from VAT payment, only if the shipment will be shipped abroad.

No credit card commissions!

Payment by Paypal only by NIS and 5% commission.

Online auction without announcer!

Payment after 14 days from the auction's end, will be charged for 20% storage fee for every two weeks until the payment's moment.

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