Auction 18 Dr. Baruch Falach Books and Judaica : Auction No. 18, Rare Books and Items.

Mar 1, 2021
 Adney Paz 42, Hadera, floor No. 14, appartment No. 55.

Auction No. 18 will include over five hundred books, magazines, documents, vinyls and more items from the spiritual treasures of the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and general culture.

Books with dedications and signatures, books on Holocaust and Heroism, rare research books in Jewish Studies, Hebrew poetry and literature, Yiddish literature, a very rare books in Russian and German on Judaism and Jewish, rare books of general culture, rare publications from the period of the establishment of the state and the years of absorption and the great Aliyah, important magazines, holly books, Passover Haggadot, Community books, Israeli and Jewish art, protocols, internal publications and more.

Opening cheap prices, lot of books, pamphlets, magazines and publications of all walks of Jewish history and the world of books and culture.

The auction will be on monday , 1.3.21, at 18.30 P.M.

No buyer commissions!!

Those who buy for more than 1200 NIS [including VAT] - Courier post for free!!

Those who pay after 14 days will be added a storage fee of 20%.

Paypal commission - 5%.

VAT on the whole amount.

Customers from abroad for whom the package is shipped, are exempted from VAT by presenting their passport.

Registered shipment - 25 NIS.

Package shipment - 35 NIS.        

Courier shipment [Israel post] - 60 NIS.    

Overseas mail according to the type of shipment and the destination country.   

No Credit Cards Commissions!!

The auction has ended

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